Thank you for everyone who applied for our Skating Bursaries to fund junior skaters, training across the following disciplines in free, pairs, dance (solo ice dance) and inclusive skating. With the winners receiving a free Annual Patch Membership. Which is planned to assist with the costs of training for one year at one of Planet-Ice rinks.

The winners of our Skating Bursaries for 2023 are:

Inclusive Skating Category – Aphrodite Jones

Dance Pair Category Winners – Serafina D’Cruze and Nik Pugchova

Boy Single Category Winner – Adam Roach

Girl Joint Single Winners – Anisia Karetnykova & Aisling Lola Lessiter

We want to offer a huge congratulations to our winners and a special thank you to our Skater Bursary Board and Our Judges, Karen Coombes, Vicky Ogden, Mark Hanretty and the ISS (International School of Skating).

Inclusive Skater Category Winner – Aphrodite Jones

Aphrodite Jones coached by Lucile Schiller & Stephanie Mitchell at Planet-Ice Solihull. Aphrodite (Aphee) has started ice skating over the last 12 months. She has been undertaking the Skate Excellence learn to skate lessons and is also having additional private lessons with Lucile. Aphee has social anxiety, she is selective mute and has insufferable lack of confidence that impacts her in many aspects of life, social environments, and school. She has found a passion for skating that is enabling her to live her life with a joy and happiness that she’s kept locked away until now. She has taken part in her first spin, spiral and jump competition which was a significant achievement for her. In a very short period, Aphee has built a fantastic relationship with her coach. Due to her selective mutism, she struggles to speak to adults, even close family members, but she now chats (quietly) to Lucie, listens, and talks with her, follows instructions and she is making amazing progress.

Boy Single Category Winner – Adam Roach

Adam Roach coached by David Marston at Planet-Ice Uttoxeter rink. Adam is 8 years old and has been skating since he was 5 years old.  He is currently a Skate Excellence Advance level skater. He wants to win this bursary so that he can spend more time on the ice with his coach. Adam took part in his first competition this year and is working towards completing his level 1 skating skills tests. With the combination of his enthusiasm for the sport and talent on the ice, Adam has a very promising future ahead of him.  Adam is a pleasure to coach, bringing excitement and humour with him; he is quick to learn and has real ambition for his skating career.

Dance Pair Category Winners – Serafina D’cruze & Nik Pugochova

Serafina D’cruze 8 years old along with her dance partner, Nik Pugochova 11 years old are a beginner level in couples ice dance discipline. Both skaters are coached by Katie Bennett and David Lunn at Planet-Ice Basingstoke rink. The duo has been skating together for just over a year. We look forward to seeing how this young couple progress over the next few years. Nik also has 3 other siblings that have been skating at Planet Ice rinks from a very young age, clearly a very talented family.

Girl Category Joint Winner – Anisia Karetnykova

Anisia Karetnykova coached by Stephanie Mitchell at Planet-Ice Solihull. Anisia is 8 years old and originally from the Kharkiv region in the Ukraine. She arrived over to the UK last year with her family. She is learning English in school so that she can communicate better with her coach and other skaters at the rink.  She is so happy she is skating again and through skating she is less introvert, and her true bubbly nature is starting to shine through. She is currently working towards competing in her first competition in Blackpool this year.

Girl Category Joint Winner – Aisling Lola Lessiter

Aisling Lola Lessiter coached by Shelly Clarke at Planet-Ice Bristol. Aísling was captivated by the sport of figure skating and had an inherent, natural ability for skating. She attends weekly ballet and gymnastics sessions to utilise the benefits of these complementary disciplines for her skating. Aísling clearly demonstrates a good work ethic on and off the ice, so much so that her school has supported her training and granted her permission to train on the ice during normal school hours one morning a week. Her Mum, Dad and Grandparents have all demonstrated remarkable commitment and support, driving long distances so that she can practice. She wants the bursary so that she can train more hours, and it’s her dream to make it into the GB squad and to be an Olympian like Natasha McKay. She is her happiest when on the ice and when she couldn’t skate during the covid pandemic she was devastated but this experience has also given her the determination to make the most of every single minute on the ice.