Planet ice would like to offer its condolences and extreme sympathy to the family, friends and associates of Adam Johnson as a result of the tragic incident that occurred on the evening of Saturday 28th October at Sheffield Arena.

Unfortunately, today 4000 and Counting put out a statement out on their social networking stating the following:

“A club in the NIHL2 have been told by Planet Ice they will face a £££ cancellation if their game does not go ahead.”

This statement is completely untrue. Planet Ice have had no involvement in the decisions regarding whether games go ahead and have allowed the teams to determine whether they intend playing or not. Planet Ice have respected both the teams and the leagues in the decision they have made at this difficult time in the sport.

The statement from 4000 and Counting went further to comment “Typical response from Planet Ice”.

It is incredibly disappointing that 4000 and Counting has decided to make such an inappropriate and untrue statement at a time when the Ice Hockey community is in deep shock and mourning. The point of focus right now should be on those people who are suffering as a result of such a tragic circumstance, to offer support and a sense of unity within the sport – certainly not use this tragedy as a opportunity to create more upset and despair.

We will continue to work with teams, customers and staff this week to be supportive at this difficult time.