Join us this December for a truly magical Christmas.

The curse of a wicked fairy, one touch of a spindle, and a beautiful princess falls into a deep, enchanted sleep which can only be broken by a kiss from a prince. The Planet Ice production of Sleeping Beauty is transformed into one of the grandest ice shows we have created yet. Enter this opulent world, with its marvellous mixture of virtuoso skating, fairy tale characters and dazzling spectacle that has delighted audiences for over a hundred years. Our production of Sleeping Beauty is performed by local and professional skaters and with a contemporary soundtrack it is an enchanting experience for all the family.

Planet Ice offers a large range of experiences and this year the addition of Cinderella on Ice made it even better. We always go with our daughter and her kids who are 3 and 6 years old. The show focused on the ice skating with the music and narrative to emphasise certain parts of the story. The ice skating was fantastic and kept both the children and adults fully engrossed, well worth a visit and we hope it will be there next year as we will be going again.

– Dawn S.