Patch Update

Attention all Patch Members/Users.

We can’t wait to welcome you back on the ice at Planet Ice.

Planet Ice are delighted with the announcement made recently that ice rinks will be able to reopen from Saturday 1st August. Planet Ice are learning how to adapt to a new normal way of living and having fun ice skating while keeping you safe.Taking part in Patch sessions will be a bit different as we learn to deal with the current situation but with new procedures in place to protect you, it is our goal that participating in Patch will still feel as good as it always has been. There will be some changes to the schedule when we initially reopen but Patch sessions will be available for day one of re-opening.Patch sessions will be capped at 28 skaters for the big rinks per hour, 20 skaters for the medium size rinks per hour and 12 for the smaller rinks per hour.Booking a Patch session in advance will be necessary. When your coach books a patch session, the system will automatically allow their pupils to book onto this patch slot. Please check with your coach before booking as individual coaching slots will be limited.If all the coaching slots are not booked by the coaches ‘No Coach’ slots will automatically show on the patch booking system for patch members/users to book. Please note that coaching sessions will take priority.Until the 1st September the Planet Ice patch membership is suspended all patch users will have to use the pay as you go option. This is to allow for the flexibility required to meet COVID-19 secure adjustments we all adjust to skating in a post COVID-19 world.Coaches can book slots by visiting while patch members/users can now book via our new online patch booking system,